About Revolution Wellness and Prevention


Revolution Wellness & Prevention Clinic is the unique, concierge, medical practice of Amity Smith, MD.   Dr. Smith knows that you are the expert in You. You know how you feel, how you perceive yourself, and what goals you want to achieve.  Restoring health on the inside and the outside is what we specialize in. You are beautifully, uniquely, and wonderfully made.  We are passionate about you embodying who you are and your love of your life!

Balancing mind, body and spirit is a major part in uncovering every person’s true potential. In order to find that balance for you, we want to know you and for you to know us. We will provide a caring and nonjudgmental environment as we together find the right solutions for you.

We know that there is no magic pill, pellet, or any other one solution that will work for every person.  We are all aging and have so many challenges of life that overwhelm us constantly.  To live in the world at this time,  there must be a balance of hormonal health, brain health, and spiritual health in order to thrive, and not just survive. 

Revolutionary Medicine

Revolution is a Concierge Medical practice. The reasons for not having a traditional practice is that we are not dependent on insurance reimbursements and having to see too many patients every day. Insurance dominated care has not worked well because, it would not be possible to spend the amount time that is needed for you, and they do not recognize many of our treatment plans. So the reason for the Concierge model is ultimately you!

We want to be a good fit for you. Most of us will spend more on our hair, nails, coffee, or hobbies than we would on our health, and we took this in mind when developing our business structure. Instead of charging an upfront retainer for the year, we will charge by the month. Our office manager will give you all the details.