About ADD / ADHD

womanGroceryListThinkingLife can be a juggling act for any adult, but if you find yourself regularly tardy, disorganized, distracted, and overwrought by your career or your daily responsibilities and relationships, you may have ADD/ADHD. Attention deficit disorder is not just a problem in children. Attention Deficit Disorder does affect adults, and its large array of frustrating symptoms can impede upon your world. But learning about ADD/ADHD is the first step. Once you understand the challenges, you can learn to compensate for areas of weakness and start taking advantage of your strengths.

Signs of Adults with ADD / ADHD

Attention deficit disorder often goes unrecognized throughout childhood. This was especially common in the past, when very few people were aware of ADD/ADHD. Instead of recognizing your symptoms and identifying the real issue, your family, teachers, or other parents may have labeled you a dreamer, a goof-off, a slacker, a troublemaker, or just a bad student. Attention Deficit Disorder often looks very different in adults than it does in children, and the symptoms are unique to each individual.

If you feel you may be an adult with ADD / ADHD please print and fill out this simple evaluation form and bring with you on your appointment.


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