About Dr. Smith

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 11.14.19 AMRevolution Wellness and Prevention Clinic is the unique, concierge retainer-based medical practice of Amity Lynn Smith, M.D. We believe balancing mind, body and spirit is a major part in uncovering every person’s true potential.

Dr. Smith is board certified in Family Medicine. Her anti-aging practice holds bio-identical hormone replacement, lifestyle coaching, and disease prevention, as a priority for her patients. Dr. Smith’s career history has given her a passion and a creative perspective to help her patients enjoy amazing, fulfilling lives.

She listens to the symptoms of her patients (lack of energy, poor metabolism, hot flashes, low libido, among many others) and has a passion for treating each person with an individualized treatment plan to address underlying issues that caused not only the weight issues but many other symptoms as well.

Dr. Smith’s approach to patients comes from her career involving multiple specialties. She combines the skills developed in hospice and geriatrics, of listening to patients and not just treating labs and X-rays and applies this to her much younger patients. Wanting to prevent the same outcomes (diabetes, dementia, heart disease, and other diseases) she treated in her past, she works with each patient to develop an individualized approach to each patient. She empowers her patients to place a priority on their health.

Dr. Smith’s patients are stay-at-home parents, executives, doctors, teachers, nurses, among many others, who are all looking for solutions for living a more fulfilling life. Each one is treated for where they are in life and what their current and long-term goals are.